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5 Sites for Celebrating Easter

April 22, 2011
by Sarah Amandolare
Use these five Web sites to fully understand the significance of Easter, including Lent and Holy Week, and find fun tips for celebrating Easter with kids. The most basic and obscure of Easter facts will be revealed, along with historical context of this fascinating holiday.

A Lesson in All Things Easter

facebook simply but effectively explains the history, traditions and symbols of Easter. The site also links to Easter art, poems and a forum for any lingering questions. According to ChurchYear, Easter Sunday comes after Holy Week, and falls on the last day of the three-day Paschal Triduum, which begins on Holy Thursday and “contains the heart of the Christian faith: Jesus’ death and resurrection.” A little-known fact about the holiday: Easter is not a single day but rather a full 50-day season called Eastertide.

Learning About Lent

During Lent, the 40-day period before Easter when some Christians make sacrifices, there is much to consider, according to Some feel that the connection between one’s body and soul can be heightened by a lack of certain foods; Christians often give up candy or other indulgences, while others focus instead on good works, giving money to charity or volunteering. Some Christians, particularly adult Catholics, will often abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent. explains other reasons why Christians fast during Lent.

Greek Orthodox Holy Week Explained

The Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church has a preparation guide for Orthodox families getting ready for Holy Week. Learn the details of each day, including the Saturday of Lazarus, Palm Sunday and Palm Sunday Evening, by scrolling down the navigation bar on the left. The meaning, appropriate verses from scripture, hymns and explanations of each feast are provided.

The Significance of Easter Sunday

Once the somber and solemn Lenten season has passed, Easter Sunday, the day of Christ’s resurrection, arrives, teeming with energy and excitement. Easter traditions are divided along secular and religious lines, but many of the traditional recreational activities actually have religious significance.

Catholic Culture presents and explains the ceremonial aspects of Easter Sunday, offering a beautiful description of the Easter Vigil, the dramatic four-part service that includes the lighting of the Paschal candle. The Vigil occurs on the evening of Holy Saturday, and serves as the beginning of the Easter celebration.

Easter for Kids is a Christian Web designer’s kid-friendly resource for sharing the Easter celebration. The “Easter Customs” section explores Easter customs of different countries and the “East Story” is perfect for older children and anyone looking for a straightforward synopsis of the Easter story. Also browse the “Easter Fun” section for crafty ideas, such as pictures for coloring, Easter recipes and egg-dying tips, and Easter themed word searches.

More Easter Online

The findingDulcinea Web Guide to Easter presents sites that offer a basic introduction to the holiday, as well as sites covering Lent and Holy Week. The traditions and symbols of Easter are described in detail, and there are links to additional Web sites devoted to celebrating Easter with your children.

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