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5 Newsletters Worth Signing Up For

June 22, 2009
by Rachel Balik
Given the vastness of the Web, it can be challenging to sift through all the information you need on a daily basis. With the help of newsletters, you can receive a full range of quality Web content directly in your inbox, without the aimless surfing. Here, we recommend five of the best.


In hard economic times, for many, jobs and careers are the center of attention. With SmartBrief B2B Newsletters, you can select your industry, or choose more than one. You’ll stay at the forefront of trends, and ahead of the competition. Things are changing for everyone everyday in every business, and there’s simply no way you can find all the information you need—unless of course it lands directly in your box.

Librarian Internet Index

The Librarians’ Internet Index is the perfect blend of everything you might be a little intellectually curious about, and a lot of things you didn’t realize you were curious about. The list of Web sites the LII sends out every two weeks usually focuses on one or two themes, and covers art, government, the economy and political issues. You’ll gain information about pages with helpful statistics, myriad online museum exhibits, interesting collections of books and great history Web sites.

Very Short List

Very Short List is really the mother of all newsletters, primarily because you select whatever topic you’re most interested in, or sign up for many topics. You can sign up for the general newsletter, or get a newsletter focused on books, science, kids, the Web or food (all coming soon). VSL promises concise tidbits of knowledge that will help you choose what movies to see, what DVDs to buy, or where to learn some crazy fact that you never would have discovered otherwise. VSL describes the newsletters simply as containing “one must-see gem.” We agree.

Daily Candy

Wouldn’t you feel hip and cool if every day you learned about a new fashion designer, game, restaurant or fun activity in your area that no one else knew about? Of course you would! And this level of coolness is not out of your grasp, rather it is available in the Daily Candy newsletter. Yes, it’s fluffy, but if you need to know about the history of Ming Dynasty, you can read your LII newsletter. If you want to be wearing an office outfit, eating delicious food while you impress someone with your knowledge of the Ming Dynasty, Daily Candy has got your number.

The New York Times

Of course, in all these newsletters, we’ve left out one very important thing: news. Why not get all the news that’s fit to print in your inbox every day? The New York Times delivers a truly stellar selection of news stories to your inbox every morning, including editorials, art features and sports. What’s more, if you cheat and just read the headlines, you will still stay abreast of current issues around the globe. Also, elect to receive additional newsletters that focus on an area you’re interested in.

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