5 Great Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 07, 2010
by Rachel Balik
Mayday! Sunday, May 9, is Mother’s Day! Repeat: Sunday is Mother’s Day! Even if the holiday completely slipped your mind, there are plenty of gifts you can whip up for your mom at the last minute. Many of them even provide the illusion that you’ve prepared in advance, but all of them are guaranteed to show you care.


Flowers seem to be one of those things that appear everywhere when you don’t need them, and magically evaporate off the planet when you do. Plus, the fact that Mother’s Day is a Sunday means that many stores are closed, and even flower delivery companies require a bit of advance notice. But the biggest flower company out there,, recognizes that you, along with thousands of other loving, but forgetful children, do things at the last minute. That’s why in addition to the many exquisite bouquet choices offered on the site, there a page devoted solely to bouquets that are available for same-day delivery.


Because you love your Mom so much, you’ve already researched the best restaurant in your area and scheduled a magical brunch for Sunday, May 9, a date you’ll never forget because you had it tattooed on your arm, right? The good news is that you can pretend that you remembered to plan something special by using Open Table to make a last-minute reservation online.


Your mom always taught you to think about others. Show her that you’re both thoughtful and (apparently) foresighted by visiting Heifer International, which allows you to send an animal, tree or grain to a third-world country in your mom’s name. There are lots of “gifts” to choose from at a variety of prices. You can send a heifer for $500, or a flock of chicks (so cute!) for only $20. After you’ve made your selection, will send an e-card to your mom, and also help you to custom-design a card that can be printed out. (That way, you’ll have something to hand her when you arrive at that delicious brunch you’ve allegedly been planning for weeks.)

Beauty Treatments

Of course, even the most altruistic mother enjoys a little pampering. Concoct some handmade beauty products and bring them to your mom’s house. You’ll find a selection of recipes for hair, skin and body treatments at the All Natural Beauty Web site. Choose from a selection of ingredients that includes kiwis, almonds, avocado and yogurt, or peruse a list of treatments by name.

If you prefer to leave beauty to the professionals, use to find a salon in her area and book an appointment. If you’ve waited until the last minute, pickings might be slim, but Citysearch will find all available salons and spas within a given radius, and offer customer reviews. Alternatively, shell out the big bucks and send your mom to Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa, which has 30 locations nationwide and offers online booking as well as e-mailed gift certificates.

Light on Wallet, Strong on Heart

But money doesn’t buy you love, and if Elizabeth Arden’s prices aren’t feasible for you, never fear. Given the somber economic climate, this is the perfect year to give your mom a gift that requires more thought than cash flow. Our feature, “5 Sites for Giving Mom a Gift From the Heart,” offers several suggestions for gifts that are intensely meaningful, but easy on the wallet.  Write your mother a letter, donate to charity in her name, cook her a delicious meal or ask her to share and archive her life story with you. After all, Hallmark holiday jokes aside, Mother’s day should be about communication and quality time. Just like you’ll never forget the time she wouldn’t let you go to the party hosted by that senior you had a crush on, she’ll never forget this Mother’s Day.

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