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5 Beauty Sites for the Recessionista

March 16, 2009
by Rachel Balik
You can still be gorgeous and feel pampered, even during an economic slump. For many women, the solution is making a shift from spendy treatments to DIY solutions. So much of being beautiful is about feeling beautiful, and the following tips can help meld fabulous with frugal.

Paint Your Toenails Yourself

When times are tough, beauty indulgences are a logical place to cuts costs. Where Chicks Makes “Cents” is a blog devoted to helping women understand the influence of money on their lives. In a July 2008 post, business coach Kathleen Burns Kingsbury notes that while women make only 76 percent of what men make, they’re the ones who are contributing the most to the 45 billion-dollar beauty industry. She realized that by doing her own pedicure at home, she could save $80 dollars a month and put $1,000 a year towards food, gas or even a retirement fund.

Once you’ve decided to save money by painting your own toenails, consult The Budget Fashionista, a blog devoted to helping women save cash while staying beautiful. A 2006 entry offers detailed instructions on how to do your own pedicure. You’ll find a list of the items you’ll need, product recommendations  and even tips on how to set a relaxing mood. You may be surprised to discover that a candlelit pedicure in your own kitchen feels just as lovely as a treatment.

Buy Lipstick

One trick for the recessionista longing for new makeup is to indulge in products that won’t break the bank. Allure magazine blogger Jessica Matlin reminds readers that they can get a lot of joy from simply purchasing a new lipstick. Even an expensive lipstick at Sephora doesn’t cost all that much, but it can really add vitality to your look and make you feel pretty spectacular.

Dye Your Own Hair

Making the shift from going to a salon to dyeing your hair at home is certainly one way to conserve cash, but for many women, the prospect is daunting. But if you’re ready to try it out, start with a few strands at the back of your head, suggests “10 Commandments of Sinfully Rich Hair Color,” an article from Marie Claire magazine. If you like what you see during your color test, you’re ready to move on to the rest of your head. Other tips for dyeing your own hair include splurging on better tools than you’ll get in the kit you buy, making sure you have enough dye for your whole head, adding extra moisture for curly hair and avoiding warm tones on for your first time. An added benefit of leaving your colorist behind is that you’re free to play and experiment on your own, although you do want to be sure not to over-dye.

Wax On, Wax Off

Pricey waxing procedures that you once considered a necessity now seem like an indulgence. Strike a balance by purchasing a high-quality home waxing kit. Completely Bare is a New York City spa specializing in very chic laser hair removal and upscale professional waxing. Beauty magazines and bloggers did a double take when Completely Bare blogger and advice columnist Cindy offered a completely free webinar, or instructional video, on how to do at-home waxing.

Visit the site to explore Completely Bare’s selection of skin products, including their at-home waxing kit. Provide your name and e-mail address to log in and watch the comprehensive video. If you end up deciding to purchase the Wax Works kit from Completely Bare, not only will it include products for pre- and post-wax, but you’ll also get a DVD teaching you how to use the kit.

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