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David Archuleta, left, and David Cook

TV to See: David vs. David on “American Idol”

May 20, 2008
by Liz Colville
Wednesday, May 21 is the season finale of “American Idol.” Finalists David Archuleta and David Cook will battle it out to become the show’s seventh winner.

The heat is on: the sweet, Curious George lookalike from Utah, 17-year-old David Archuleta, is competing against the would-be rock front man from Missouri, 25-year-old David Cook. While it wouldn’t be surprising to find fans of all ages rooting for both finalists, the lines are firmly drawn for most people. Archuleta’s silky-smooth voice has mastered songs by classic balladeer Billy Joel, newcomer Chris Brown and the soulful Ben E. King. Meanwhile, David Cook has reveled in modern rock, covering Aerosmith, Switchfoot and The Who.

Today, we explore why and how each David might win this contest.

Why David Archuleta Should Win

David Archuleta has the support of millions of young ladies with superior cell phone and texting skills. They’re the kind of fans who vote, and vote dozens of times, along with their grandmothers, mothers and sisters. Archuleta is young and innocent, and would do well in a career in R&B or pop. He has the range to sing blues, rock, ballads, and pop, but he’s best suited to old classics like “Stand By Me.”
Drama recently ensued off the air after producers objected to David Archuleta’s father backstage “coaching” of his son. The story might have led people to doubt Archuleta’s chances, but comments made by fans of both Davids on this and a related New York magazine article suggest that the battle for popularity is far from over.

The verdict: the Archuleta “stage dad” stigma will likely help son David more than it will hurt him. The judges have told “Archie” he could easily “sing the phonebook.”

Why David Cook Should Win

Reliving “Idol” Season Seven

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