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The cast of Grey's Anatomy

TV to See: Grey’s Anatomy

May 22, 2008
by Shannon Firth
Maybe the whole “Grey’s” craze is over: McDreamy, McSteamy, girls kissing girls, sibling squabbles, operating rooms that see more action than most motel rooms and a perpetually moping lead character. If it weren’t for the scrubs, purposefully messy ponytails, and B-list actors posing as patients, you might forget it’s a show about a hospital. Real doctors don’t throw tantrums, bat their eyelashes or have sex in the on-call room, but where’s the fun in that? Let us help you get ready for the Season 4 finale.

Be sure you know all about Cristina’s dark place. “[I]nstead of doing surgery or meeting the man who is a God in her chosen field, she chooses to update charts and cruelly insult George and Lexie. But the scariest thing—the one thing that means she's really in a bad place—is that she cleans her apartment. Looks like someone might need therapy even more than Meredith does.” (And since you’ve gotten an opinion from the fans, you may want to read what the show’s writers had to say about this episode.)

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