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Must-See Video: A Seven-Year-Old’s Joyride

May 15, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
A seven-year-old takes a cruise around town in his grandmother’s car. The reasoning? “It’s fun to do bad stuff.”

Kids these days don’t get out half as much as they used to. The old time classics of tag and leapfrog have been replaced with action-packed video games like Grand Theft Auto. But recently, one seven-year-old boy in Florida took a step outside, transforming the video game’s antics into real life. Latarian Milton took his grandmother’s SUV for a little joyride around town, taking down two mailboxes and hitting four cars along the way.

Get the full story on Latarian, who conceded to police that he should be punished “a little bit,” from this CNN video.


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