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Must-See Video: World’s First Robotic Band - The Trons

June 26, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
A video featuring the music of the Trons, a robot band from New Zealand.

The heart and soul of every band is the musicians, but a unique band from New Zealand is set to change this perspective. The Trons may not have hearts, but they sure have a lot of soul. The completely hands-free band is revolutionizing the “robotic pop” scene with their robot musicians: Ham (guitar), Wiggly (lead guitar), Swamp (drums), and Fifi (keyboard). Watch the guys knock out their old classic “Sister Robot” in this video from YouTube.

When the "managers" of the Fab Four program them to recognize requests for “Free Bird,” the Trons might just be playing a wedding reception near you.

Visit the band’s MySpace page to listen to more of the hits driving robotic girls crazy!

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