Must-See Video

Must-See Video: Animatronic Band Performs Madonna

July 22, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Madonna and Justin Timberlake go animatronic.

Remember that furry little Chuck E. Cheese band that used to pop out of the curtains and sing “Happy Birthday”? Well they’re back, and after a lot of soul-searching and re-programming, they’ve found some very new material. Groupies Chris Thrash and Aaron Fetcher purchased the animatronic band, called The Rock-afire Explosion, and set up a site where fans can bid on which songs the band plays. Thrash and Fetcher then program the band to play the winning song.

Want to see them do a Nine Inch Nails cover? Bid for songs here on the Rock-afire Explosion Show Bids site.

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