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Kimya Dawson, of the Moldy Peaches and "Juno" fame

Playlist: Standout Soundtracks

July 14, 2008
by Sarah Amandolare
An effective soundtrack can make a film memorable, drive the plot forward, lend personality to each scene and create a mood that generates fan response. These days, it seems that unique tunes, rather than established hits, are making soundtracks popular, catching filmgoers off guard with unconventional lyrics and styles. We’ve highlighted three films employing surprising and unusual songs by talented musicians, past and present.

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‘Lost in Translation’

‘The Darjeeling Limited’

Director Wes Anderson is known for his quirky characters and dysfunctional families. In “The Darjeeling Limited,” Anderson enlisted Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman—three actors with personalities and features as distinct as the songs in the soundtrack—to play quarreling brothers on a voyage toward family reunification. Shot in India, the film’s storyline plays out before a colorful, chaotic background, perfectly complementing the eclectic collection of songs. A notable trio of tunes by 1960s British band The Kinks, and an elegant piano suite by Claude Debussy, are especially memorable.

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