Actors Steve Carell, left, and Anne Hathaway pose for portrait in Las Vegas, Nev. on
Thursday, March 13, 2008. Carell and Hathaway star together in the upcoming movie
"Get Smart" (AP).

Movies Coming Soon: Get Smart

June 01, 2008
by Michael Koegel
Way, way back in the groovy 1960s, television’s “Get Smart” was part of the pop-culture zeitgeist, and everybody loved to impersonate Don Adams’s take on a bumbling cold war-era spy. When the big-screen version of “Get Smart” opens on June 20, Warner Brothers is betting that users of Blackberries and noise-canceling headphones will engage in a nostalgic group hug for those icons of ’60s sardonic cool: the shoe phone and the cone of silence.


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