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Movies Coming Soon: Brideshead Revisited

August 03, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
In 1982, PBS suddenly became a very cool place to be. That was the year that the miniseries “Brideshead Revisited” premiered to much fanfare on oft-neglected public television, and launched the craze of adapting English novels for the large and small screen. Miramax is releasing its feature-length film version of the novel on July 25. Can this 100-minute film capture all of the beauty and decadence of Waugh’s novel or the beloved 11-hour miniseries?

When Waugh first published the novel in 1945, it was immediately regarded as a mature departure from his previously published works, which were largely comic or satiric in nature. Today, “Brideshead Revisited” is considered his masterwork. For two different but very illuminating views on Waugh’s work, first read the original 1945 New York Times review written by John K. Hutchens. Follow up with this 1954 article in The Atlantic Monthly, which provides a comprehensive and critical overview of Waugh’s oeuvre.
Emma Thompson trivia time: Ms. Thompson is the only person to win an Oscar for Best Screenplay (“Sense and Sensibility”) and Best Actress (for role as Margaret Schlegel in “Howard’s End.”) offers both trivia about and a full-fledged bio of Emma Thompson. Or if you prefer to get your celebrity fix in shorter bursts, you can read Thompson’s answers to Vanity Fair’s “Proust Questionnaire.”

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