Iryna Khalip, Agnes Taile
Stan Honda/IWMF
IWMF Award winners Iryna Khalip (L), Agnes Taile
(2nd R) pose with Amira Hass (R) and Liza Gross (2nd L) at the 2009 IWMF Award ceremony.

Women of Honor: Writers Who Won’t Be Silenced

October 28, 2010
by Shannon Firth
Each year scores of journalists and other writers are threatened, arrested, abused and even murdered for sharing true stories about human rights atrocities through news articles, essays, books and poems. Meet five dissident writers whose lives and struggles will enlighten and inspire.
More Politics
June 25, 2010
Sonia Sotomayor is the first Hispanic and the third female justice to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Hailing from a working-class background, Sotomayor brings the real-world experience of a “wise Latina” to the high court.
May 12, 2010
Americans adore their pets, and U.S. presidents are no exception. From President Taft’s cows to President Coolidge’s pygmy hippo, the White House has played host to a wide variety of furry and not-so-furry friends. FindingDulcinea takes a look back at the presidential pets that have graced America’s highest office over the years.
April 13, 2009
Bo, the Obama family's new Portuguese water dog puppy, is the latest on a long list of White House pets. Although White House residents often choose a dog for a companion, some presidents have favored alligators, sheep and other unusual pets.
April 07, 2009
Ask people to name the greatest American president, or their favorite president, and you’re likely to get the same answer: Abraham Lincoln. The Great Emancipator is remembered as a charismatic orator and an honest man, and has become a symbol of quality and reliability. But the actual details of his policies are often forgotten.
March 19, 2009
Mary Robinson was the first woman to serve as Ireland's president and is currently one of the foremost advocates of human rights and equality issues. Despite her tireless and impressive work in law, administration and politics, Robinson’s career has been fraught with opposition and resistance.
January 21, 2009
Reflecting his call for more attention to environmental efforts and a desire for a greener economy, President Barack Obama has chosen several Cabinet members who have extensive experience researching and advocating alternative energy and preservation. This is the final part of a three-part series.
January 20, 2009
Inviting counsel from his home state and beyond, Barack Obama has nominated a number of Cabinet members with little or no experience in Washington, D.C. This is part two of a three-part series about the new president’s Cabinet.
January 20, 2009
Barack Obama has tapped several Washington veterans with years of experience at the federal level to head a number of departments. This is part one of a three-part series about the new president’s Cabinet.