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Make Search Engines Work for You: Tips for Better Searches

October 27, 2011
by Haley A. Lovett
No search engine is perfect, but armed with a few tips for better searching you can get great results out of (almost) any search engine.
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September 07, 2010
The end of summer is a study in trade-offs: book time replaces pool time; loungewear is swapped for school-wear; and strict schedules oust free time in a blatant reminder that the summer’s over. Start off on the right foot with the following resources for organizing, communicating and planning, during your child’s return to the classroom.
July 07, 2010
For kids who might get bored over summer vacation, volunteering might be just the thing. A study by the Corporation for National and Community Service found that in 2004, 15.5 million kids between the ages of 12 and 18 volunteered more than 1.3 billion hours. If you’re a busy parent or teacher, or a student looking for ways to get involved, try the resources we’ve found, which include kid-specific volunteer opportunities and tips for getting kids motivated.
September 30, 2008
For some students, the 2008 school year is nearly a month old. For parents, this means parent-teacher conferences are right around the corner. Here are some tips for having a productive discussion with your child’s teacher, when it comes time to discuss your child’s progress.
September 23, 2008
After spending 2,100 hours in school per year, elementary school kids often confess that they don’t always find a classroom setting to be an ideal place for learning. A different learning environment, such as after school or at home might be able to offset the stress kids experience in the classroom. There are many ways to keep kids encouraged by awaking their innate desire for learning. Help kids to break out of the classroom box, and stimulate their imagination, curiosity, and learning styles.
September 09, 2008
Social networking sites have “rocketed from a niche activity into a phenomenon that engages tens of millions of internet users,” according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. But how are such sites changing our social habits, and is the change for better or for worse?
September 03, 2008
With the beginning of a new school year comes a need to help kids manage their extracurricular activities, homework and busy schedules. Here’s a how-to guide with advice on helping your kids meet their commitments with ease.
August 22, 2008
Even when you’re shopping for “needs” rather than “wants,” setting out to stock up on new stuff can be fun. In “Shop Around the Web” we’ll show you sites that will help you perk up your purchases. This week we focus on back-to-school supplies to help outfit kids with the stuff they need (and a little of what they want), as they get ready to hit the books again.