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Devin joined findingDulcinea in October 2007. Deeply passionate about photography, he worked at the Museum of Modern Art’s Department of Imaging Services, where he helped archive MoMA’s digital database of collection images. The tenure at MoMA, coupled with a brief stint as a research assistant, fostered Devin’s fascination with archival methodology, image preservation and content management, the latter field being his primary concern as one of findingDulcinea’s Web Production Assistants. Devin has a B.A. in American Literature from New York University.

Favorite Web sites:
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Most Recent Articles by Devin Felter

  • Happy Birthday, Al Hirschfeld, Caricature Artist
    Al Hirschfeld demonstrated prodigious artistic talent at an early age. As an adult, his technique was deceptively simple; he harnessed the power of a single line to convey a complex, richly emotional message. He is famous for his wry, affectionate caricatures of the stars, and his penchant of hiding his daughter’s name within each drawing.
  • Happy Birthday, Cole Porter, Broadway Lyricist and Composer
    A talented writer and musician, Porter took Broadway by storm with his piercing wit. “Anything Goes” and “Kiss Me, Kate” are considered classics and a number of his songs have become standards.
  • Happy Birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright, American Architect
    The most famous architect in American history, Frank Lloyd Wright sought to unify man and nature through his compelling architectural designs. The man behind “Prairie School,” Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum, he brought upon himself as much controversy as success.
  • Happy Birthday, Fred Astaire, Dancing Film Star and Elegant Showman
    A Broadway star who ventured to Hollywood mid-career, Fred Astaire quickly became the era’s icon of grace, style and perfection. Alone or with a train of sparkling screen partners such as Ginger Rogers, his refined and energetic dancing fueled the romantic fervor of Hollywood’s Golden Age.
  • Happy Birthday, Jack Nicholson, Star of “Easy Rider” and “The Shining”
    One of the premier actors of this generation, Nicholson has become well-known for his wry, energetic performances. He has shown to be particularly adept with characters attempting to rationalize an outmoded or alienated American society.